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6 Month Relyfe Hypnosis Total Weight Loss Program

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Lose Weight Today & Keep It Off! 

Change the way you think about diet and exercise!  Relyfe Programming lets you alter the way that you perceive food,  respond to cravings and react to exercise.

This three file set, designed by Master Hypnotist Michael Scott, one of the creators of Relyfe Programming, will help you revise not only the way that you think about diet and exercise today, but will change the way your mind and body believe you have always approached them, converting old, bad, habits into good healthy ones, conquering cravings, addressing portion size, getting you up and moving and restoring you to a youthful healthy mental and physical state.

Based on more than 30 years of successful experience with hypnosis and Relyfe Programming, listening to this file set can put you on the path to a slimmer healthier you today!

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